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Sun Feb 18 15:08:11 EST 2018

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Seashells Postcard Stamp USPS Forever Stamps, Sheet of 20 - US Postage Card Stamps (Sheet of 20 Stamps)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 3356
price: $7.46 (new)

Celebrate the fun and beauty of seashells with four new postcard stamps from the U.S. Postal Service.

Whimsical and lighthearted, the stamp art features stylized depictions of four seashells: the alphabet cone, the zebra nerite, the Pacific calico scallop, and the Queen conch, frequently called the pink conch. The horizontal swaths of white and blue in the background suggest waves washing the shells onto a beach.

The hard, protective external skeletons of marine mollusks, seashells are composed largely of calcium carbonate secreted by the mollusks, mantle. Frequently ornamented with arrangements of ribs, spines, cords, scales, and grooves, the shells provide protection against predators, aid in burrowing into the sand, and give support to the soft-bodied animals.

Seashells have served many purposes throughout history-as jewelry, decoration, cooking vessels, lamps, even currency-but they were also highly collectible as objects of beauty and scientific study, as they are today. Around the world, clubs and shows attract enthusiasts, who continue to collect shells for their elegance, beautiful colors, and rich variety of shapes.

Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps. Sergio Baradat created the stamp art.

The word "POSTCARD" on the stamps indicates their usage value. Like a Forever stamp, these stamps will always be valid for the rate printed on them.

Made in the USA.

USPS Forever Stamps Star-Spangled Banner Booklet of 20 (Fireworks)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 8590
price: $10.71 (new)
Issued Jan. 28, 2014 this stamp was featured at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the "Star-Spangled Banner." This stamp design features a photograph of the flag that flies over Fort McHenry National Monument and His­toric Shrine in Baltimore, MD. This flag is a replica of the one that inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star-Spangled Banner" after realizing Fort McHenry had withstood the British attack of Sept.13-14, 1814. The picture of the flag was taken against a backdrop of fireworks during an annual celebration of Defenders' Day, a legal holiday in the state of Maryland commemorating the successful defense of the city of Baltimore on Sept. 12, 1814 from an invading British force during the War of 1812. Photographer Gary Clark said it was a challenge to get the fireworks and the flag in the same shot and that "the wind picked up quite a bit that night." Art director Phil Jordan designed the stamp. The Star-Spangled Banner stamp is being issued as a Forever Stamp, which is equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price. This listing is for a double-sided booklet of 20 stamps in new condition.

Colorful Celebration USPS Forever Postage Stamps Booklet of 20 Self-Adhesive 1 Booklet of 20 Stamps
publisher: USPS Forever Stamps
sales rank: 5314
price: $11.45 (new)
Colorful Celebrations - A Booklet of 20 x U.S. Postage Forever Stamps A new booklet of Forever stamps entitled Colorful Celebrations was dedicated today at World Stamp Show-NY 2016 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. The international stamp show will conclude tomorrow. The United States plays host to a sanctioned international stamp show only once every 10 years, with the next one scheduled for 2026 in Boston, MA. The stamps feature designs based on a Mexican art form known as "papel picado," Spanish for "pierced paper." While the designs suggest cut paper, they actually were created digitally. U.S. Postal Service Vice President of Pricing and Costing Sharon Owens, dedicating the new stamps, remarked on the 10 vivid and colorful designs "featuring celebratory patterns that showcase geometric shapes, flowers and birds." These new stamps have been printed - and will be sold - only as complete booklets . Each booklet of 20 Forever stamps includes 10 digitally-created designs with eye-popping patterns that showcase geometric shapes, flowers and birds. Each of the 10 design appears twice in each booklet of 20 stamps. The stamp designs come in one of four colors: blue, orange, purple, and fuchsia. Papel picado, an intricate art form that was developed in Mexico, inspired artist Atzin Gaytan's digital stamp art. Sally Andersen-Bruce designed the stamps. Derry Noyes served as the project's art director. Leveraging Technology The U.S. Postal Service is introducing four new products tailored to stamp collectors at the World Stamp Show - NY2016: • The self-adhesive Classics Forever Stamps dedicated June 1 were the first water soluble First-Class Forever stamps. Desirable to collectors of stamps from delivered mail, the stamps can be removed from envelopes undamaged - simply using water.
USPS Forever Flag Stamps Roll of 100 (Stamp Design May Vary)
publisher: USPS Forever Stamps
sales rank: 1944
price: $39.95 (new)
1 Roll of 100 Forever Stamps - 100 stamps in Total. You will receive flag stamps issued by USPS, and the design may vary. Check to make sure you have genuine stamps, and not counterfeits. Mail sent with counterfeit stamps can be confiscated. Genuine stamps will have microprinted letters USPS on every stamp. On the 2017 variety these letters are typically found on the right edge of the flag, visible with a magnifying glass (such as one of the images above). On the 2016 the "USPS" is found on the flag pole. On the 2014 Star Spangled Banner, the letters should be clearly visible within the fireworks (counterfeit stamps are hard to discern the letters, and the printing on the fireworks is low quality under a magnifying glass). Genuine stamps have plate numbers such as "P1111" that appear 3 or 4 times along the bottom roll (usually every 25 stamps or so). With a shortwave UV light, genuine stamps will shine with a green phosphorescent glow, while counterfeit stamps just shine bright white. Under a magnifying glass the counterfeit stamps will exhibit lower print quality, with noticeable dots and lines, while the genuine stamps appear smooth.

Celebration Boutonniere USPS Forever Stamps Sheet of 20 - New Stamp Issued 2017
publisher: USPS
ASIN: B071H8ZG97
sales rank: 6321
price: $10.50 (new)

Celebration Boutonniere is a new stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service. Similar in design to the two-ounce Celebration Corsage stamp, it can be used on RSVP envelopes often enclosed with wedding invitations. It is also perfect for party invitations, thank-you notes, announcements, or any other correspondence.

For centuries, boutonnieres-or buttonhole flowers, as they were called in Britain-were a staple of a well-dressed man's outfit. For most of the 20th century, a single flower pinned to a lapel or inserted into a jacket buttonhole was part of a sophisticated, debonair man's wardrobe. Today, boutonnieres, still very fashionable, are worn at weddings by the groom, groomsmen, father of the groom, and best man, and at other special occasions, including proms, anniversaries, retirement parties, or military memorial services.

Vintage Rose Sheet of 20 USPS Forever Stamps Wedding, Anniversary, Celebration, Flowers (5 sheets of 20 Stamps)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 10596
price: $56.99 (new)
Vintage Rose, a Forever stamp, can be used to mail any domestic mail that weighs less than 1 oz forever. It's ideal for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and more.
The stamp art features an elaborate floral line drawing of a rose and a new addition to the popular Weddings series.
The drawings are details from engraved plates originally created by naturalist artist Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717).
Designed by Jeanne Greco, Art Director: Greg Breeding
Issue Date: February 14, 2015

Walt Disney Villains Sheet of 20 Forever First Class Postage Stamps By USPS
publisher: USPS
ASIN: B073XV517M
sales rank: 7582
price: $10.50 (new)
This issuance celebrates the rich legacy of the Walt Disney Studios Ink & Paint Department with a sheet of 20 stamps featuring 10 classic Disney villains. Beginning in 1923, Disney?s Ink & Paint Department helped create classic animated films. Its artists brought life to countless memorable characters, including many iconic Disney villains. Each stamp showcases one of 10 classic Disney villains against a blue background: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Honest John (Pinocchio), Cruella De Vil (One Hundred and One Dalmatians), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Lady Tremaine (Cinderella), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), the Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Gaston (Beauty and the Beast), and Scar (The Lion King). The words ?USA? and ?FOREVER? appear in the top right corner or bottom right corner of each stamp and the name of the classic villain and the movie in which the character appears runs along the left edge. The selvage area features the Queen from Snow White standing in front of an ornate background. The reverse side of the sheet includes drawings of the 10 characters and a quote by each one

USPS Ferns Stamps - 50 Forever Stamps (5 Strips of 10 Stamps)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 19232
price: $33.90 (new)
Five stamps, originally issued in 2014, celebrate the beauty-and popularity-of ferns. A favorite with gardeners and florists, ferns range from tiny moss-like plants to giants as tall as trees. The ferns featured on the stamps are five of the approximately 380 different species found in North America. Each of the five stamps depicts a close-up photograph of a different species of fern. The shapes and textures of the fronds stand out against a stark white background, highlighting the placement of the leaflets along each fern's stem. The name of each fern-autumn fern, Goldie's wood fern, soft shield fern, Fortune's holly fern, or painted fern-is placed vertically in capital letters along one edge of the stamp. Art director Phil Jordan created the stamp art by choosing five images from among dozens of existing pictures by photographer Cindy Dyer. After Dyer isolated the fronds in her photos, providing a white background, Jordan tightened the focus on each to fit within the stamp borders. He rotated some of the fronds to provide visual interest and oriented them in relation to one another to form a unified whole. The Ferns stamps add elegance to envelopes and are an exquisite continuation of the U.S. Postal Service's tradition of offering stamps that feature beautiful plants. This listing is for 50 stamps. Please note that the Ferns stamps were issued two ways, and you may receive either one: 49 cent stamps, and Forever Stamps. Both stamps are worth 49 cents each as of March 2017, and can be used to mail the same first-class, one ounce letters. Please note that like many USPS stamps, this one was issued and then re-issued by USPS with certain changes. Please search for USPS stamp announcements 14-19, 14-4 and 15-15 for the official USPS information. These changes often result in slight appearance difference in color and shape, but the issues are all completely valid.

Penguin Sheet of 20 Additional Ounce Stamps Scott 4989 by USPS
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 20379
price: $4.92 (new)
Manufacturer: United States Postal Service Largest of the penguin species, the emperor stands over three feet tall and can weigh more than 80 pounds. Emperor penguins rely on a layer of fat and a waterproof coat of short, stiff feathers to protect them from the subzero temperatures, powerful winds, and icy waters in their Antarctic habitat. Emperor penguins can dive deeper than 1,500 feet in pursuit of fish, squid, and crustaceans-farther than any other bird. They can stay submerged for nearly 20 minutes, though they usually resurface much sooner. The stamp art is a stylized drawing of a pair of emperor penguins on a cool green background. The pop of orange and yellow on the birds' beaks and ear patches lends a regal look to the aptly named emperors. Illustrator Nancy Stahl hand-sketched and then digitally composed the art based on photos she took of emperor penguins at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Art director Carl Herrman designed the stamp. Penguins is being issued in self-adhesive sheets of 20 and coils of 100 stamps. The words "ADDITIONAL OUNCE" on this stamp indicate its usage value. Like a Forever® stamp, it will always be equal in value to the applicable price for the price category printed on them at the time of use.

Honbay 6 Sheets Different Theme Friendly Phrases Clear Stamps for Card Making Decoration and Scrapbooking
publisher: Honbay
ASIN: B071F4M68C
sales rank: 4446
price: $8.25 (new)
High quality friendly phrases clear stamps
Pack of 6 sheets
Material: rubber
Sheet size: approx 15.5*10.7cm (6.1*4.21 inch)
Work with acrylic block (not included), perfect for holiday cards and scrapbooking as well as gift tags

1. Simply peel stamp from transparent sheet and apply to an acrylic block(you need to buy eatra)
2. Apply ink to stamp
3. Position image onto desired surface and press down firmly
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