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Clinicians in Court, Second Edition: A Guide to Subpoenas, Depositions, Testifying, and Everything Else You Need to Know
by: Allan E. Barsky
publisher: The Guilford Press, published: 2013-10-01
ASIN: 1462513107
sales rank: 378248
price: $32.65 (new), $27.50 (used)
Interacting with the legal system can be stressful and intimidating for mental health professionals. This trusted book provides user-friendly strategies to help clinicians prepare for testimony in court and other legal proceedings. Using vivid case scenarios, the author explains legal terms and offers practical suggestions for avoiding pitfalls and managing ethical dilemmas. Clear guidelines are presented for record keeping, responding to subpoenas, preparing reports, and performing effectively on the stand as a fact witness or expert witness. Reproducible agreements and other sample documentation can be photocopied from the appendices or downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

New to This Edition
* Incorporates updates in research, case law, statutes, and practice.
* Examines the developing role of mental health professionals as forensic consultants.
* Increased attention to ethical issues, such as dual relationships, professional boundaries, confidentiality, and competence.
* An appendix with reflection questions that extend the scope of each chapter.
* Explores special issues that may arise in cases involving children
* Supplemental materials for course use--including an instructor's manual--are available at the author's website.

Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion
by: David Icke
publisher: David Icke Books, published: 2005-04-01
ASIN: 0953881067
sales rank: 287027
price: $11.99 (new), $2.07 (used)
A book that claims with such clarity that 'physical' reality is merely an illusion that only exists in our brain. Fantastic? Sure it is. But David Icke's idea, presented in a way that everyone can understand, is a life-changing exposure of both the illusion we believe to be 'real' and the way this illusion is generated and manipulated to imprison us in a false reality. Icke says we 'live' in a 'holographic internet' in that our brains are connected to a central 'computer' that feeds us the same collective reality that we decode from waveforms and electrical signals into the holographic 3D 'world' that we all think we see.

The King of Everything Else [Explicit]
publisher: Suburban Noize Records, published: 2014-08-19
sales rank: 103989
price: $10.99 (new)

Everything Else: Stories of Life, Faith and Our World
by: Jack Wyman
publisher: Carpenters Son Publishing, published: 2013-02-19
ASIN: 0988304341
sales rank: 3825608
price: $9.72 (new), $3.40 (used)
When we pursue a higher view of God – when we seek his kingdom above all –we will soon discover that there is a Christian way of seeing everything else. And then we will have found the secret of a truly meaningful and satisfying life.

Jesus revealed profound truth through simple stories and the Bible itself is the greatest storybook ever written.

Here are stories about life, faith and our world. They’re stories about people –some famous and others unknown. Some of these folks are in the Bible – others might live in your neighborhood. Some are kings and presidents, some are prophets and disciples and some are athletes and soldiers. Others are just ordinary people discovering what it means to live in this world as it is.

These are stories about hope and despair, joy and sadness, and triumph and tragedy. They are stories about love and longing, life and death, fear and courage, and about heaven and hell. They’re also about history, politics and current events; about the Bible, theology and the Church.
To live for Christ is to live for him fully. And to live for Christ fully is to live for him everywhere and in everything. How important our faith is to us – and the difference it makes -- all depends on how we see it. Nothing matters more than this – and nothing changes us more than this.

These stories remind us that to know Jesus Christ –to desire to be his true follower – is not just to see him more clearly. It is, through Christ, to see everything else.

Life in 4-Part Harmony: Get Everything in Your Life to Work with Everything Else in Your Life
by: Dr. Sandra Y Lewis
publisher: Oshun Golden Harvest Publishing, published: 2018-05-18
ASIN: 1937392015
sales rank: 63589
price: $14.50 (new), $21.07 (used)
What does it take to get things done? What do I need to make it all happen? How can I win at life without losing myself? What’s the secret ingredient to joy, success, ease, and the good stuff? The simple answer is energy. • Discover strategies to build physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. • Create ease and flow in the world around you so that you can have ease and flow within you. • Manage challenges and free up the energy you need to rise to the top. • Revitalize your body, mind, and spirit when you make recovery and renewal a part of each day. • Reconnect to your source to find your daily rhythm and flow. • Maximize your productivity. • Elevate your life satisfaction. Life In 4-Part Harmony is a personal energy management resource. It combines research-based practices with ancient wisdom so that you can create a rhythm that works perfectly for you. You’ll find support to tailor your personalized, daily renewal plan. With a few well-placed strategies, you can replenish, find your flow, and power your day every day. You’ll bring your best to what matters most to you. You’ll create an inner harmony that extends into everything you do. Ultimately, you’ll elevate your purpose and boost your sense of fulfillment. You’ll not only improve your productivity, but you’ll feel the way you want to feel while getting it all done.

Every Californian-s Guide To Estate Planning: Wills, Trust & Everything Else
by: Liza W. Hanks
publisher: NOLO, published: 2018-01-30
ASIN: 1413324681
sales rank: 15098
price: $12.06 (new), $13.43 (used)
Finally, an Estate Planning Guide Written by and for Californians

Every Californian’s Guide to Estate Planning helps you understand the basics of leaving money and property to loved ones and charities, naming a guardian for children, and planning for beloved pets―with a special focus on issues unique to making an estate plan in California, like:
  • how state community property rules affect inheritance and taxes
  • how to minimize capital gains for those inheriting high value real estate
  • legal and tax rules that apply to non-citizens and U.S. permanent residents
  • important issues for international guardians, trustees, and executors
  • how to make sure your heirs don’t lose a low property tax rate, and
  • how to avoid California’s slow and expensive probate system through options such as transfer-on-death deeds.
With Downloadable Worksheets
Includes access to essential worksheets that help you get started on writing a will, preparing a trust, choosing a guardian, leaving money to kids, naming beneficiaries, choosing agents for your health care directive and power of attorney for finances, doing a personal inventory, and more on (details inside).

Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else
by: Dan Abrams
publisher: Harry N. Abrams, published: 2011-03-01
ASIN: 0810998297
sales rank: 289708
price: $4.23 (new), $1.29 (used)
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, everyone is familiar with the tired clichés: women are bad drivers and are not good with money; only guys play video games and they give bad directions. Dan Abrams tackles the toughest case of his career in Man Down. Drawing on years of legal experience and research studies, Abrams explains step-by-step why women are better than men in just about every way imaginable, from managing money to flying planes to living longer. Abrams uses his trademark charm to get his point across without opining on the issue himself. Chock-full of fun facts and conversation starters, this book may not end the debate of men versus women, but it will definitely make it more interesting.

Praise for Man Down:

"a provocative collection of bite-size pro-women essays" 
-Wall Street Journal 

"compelling, controversial" 

"I've always liked Dan Abrams. And now that he's charmingly admitted what we all knew anyway, I like him even more!" 
-Liz Smith

Billions Season 1
ASIN: B019ZV03N8
price: $19.99 (new)

Enduring Bonds: Inequality, Marriage, Parenting, and Everything Else That Makes Families Great and Terrible
by: Philip N. Cohen
publisher: University of California Press, published: 2018-02-06
ASIN: 0520292391
sales rank: 463548
price: $25.95 (new), $23.34 (used)
In Enduring Bonds, Philip N. Cohen, renowned sociologist and blogger of the wildly popular and insightful Family Inequality, examines the complex landscape of today's diverse families. Through his interpretive lens and lively discussions, Cohen encourages us to alter our point of view on families, sharing new ideas about the future of marriage, the politics of research, and how data can either guide or mislead us. Deftly balancing personal stories and social science research, and accessibly written for students, Cohen shares essays that tie current events to demographic data. Class-tested in Cohen’s own lectures and courses, Enduring Bonds challenges students to think critically about the role of families, gender, and inequality in our society today. 

Unisex-adults Official Motorhead England T Shirt - Medium, (Black)
sales rank: 398252
price: $19.43 (new)
If you're a fan of Motorhead and are looking for a way to show it, well, we think we've got the perfect thing... The Official Motorhead England T Shirt in Black is just what you're wardrobe has been craving! Featuring an awesome Motorhead print, there's no denying that this t shirt has a pretty badass design! And what more could you really want from a t shirt? Wear it just about anywhere and get ready to make a splash - everyone will be asking you where you got it from! So spruce up your appearance with an awesome bit of band merch and pick up the Official Motorhead England T Shirt!
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