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Dock 6 Pottery Pinched Rim Bowl with Fused Glass, Copper, Small
publisher: Dock 6 Pottery
sales rank: 3234412
price: $39.95 (new)
These striking bowls have an organic quality that's dramatically enhanced by the crackled fused glass which lines the bottoms. The sparkling crystallization and multicolored highlights mimic natural gemstones created by the forces of nature, and the spontaneity of the process means each piece has a unique personality. Kerry Brooks has been a potter since 1988, learning her craft in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now working from her studio and gallery, Dock 6 Pottery, in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis. She creates primarily wheel-thrown, high-fired stoneware. Pieces without fused glass are functional while those with fused glass, such as these bowls, are mainly decorative, but can be used with dry, non-staining foods and hand washed.

The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity
by: F. Sehnaz Bac
publisher: Dover Publications, published: 2017-01-18
ASIN: 0486808939
sales rank: 3873
price: $11.99 (new), $9.56 (used)

"A helpful guide for creating mini masterpieces." — Looking for a Good Book
"A fantastic book!" — The Classy Chics
"This is a gorgeous book and I found so much inspiration reading through it." — The Gingerbread House
Transform ordinary stones into colorful works of art with this easy-to-follow guide. Popular stone artist F. Sehnaz Bac, a seasoned archaeologist who markets her painted Sassi dell’Adriatico (Stones of the Adriatic) on Etsy, presents step-by-step instructions for creating 30 fantastic designs. Full-color photographs accompany directions for painting themes that range from trees, flowers, and animals to mandalas, geometric patterns, holiday motifs, and more.
Starting with the basics — including finding and choosing stones as well as tools and materials — the guide offers a variety of techniques, including painting stones with colors or inks, painting on natural stone, and sealing the finished work. Projects range from simple to advanced and include suggestions for indoor and outdoor display, as well as instructions on how to style wearable objects such as pendants.
"The instructions are clear and engaging, while the photos are lovely and inspiring. Rock painting has become a really fun family activity for us all." — Sharing Craft Ideas
"This is brilliant, fun, and truly inspirational! Highly recommend it." — splashesintobooks

SUN-E Ceramic Bud Vases Modern Style Glass Pottery Flower Vase, Decorative Vase Multicolor Home Decor Weddings 6 In Set(4.6Inch) (Style-O-002)
publisher: 004-CHP-001-V-6
sales rank: 227153
price: $19.99 (new)

SUN-E Cute Flower Bud Vase

     The SUN-E vase is the best choose for home decorations it's ability to make stunning arrangements for windowsill, dinner tables, night stands, or even the weddings , with just a few simple blooms.This cute size and relatively comprehensive combination can bring you pleasant visual effect.

     Colored Ceramic bottles with look of modern, simple bottles. Perfect for home decorations, cut flower vases, or glass bottle trees.The shapes evoke a sense of timeless beauty that blends seamlessly with any decor. 6 piece, multicolor set.

Pottery wine glass Ceramic wine Glasses 8.5 oz Handmade wine glass Rustic wine glass
sales rank: 50218
price: $19.99 (new)

Pottery wine glass for spending good time

  • Material: clay and milk
  • Volume: 8,5 oz
  • Style: Eco
  • Manufacturing: 7-10 days

  • *What to do when you received the parcel:
    All my products need to soak in hot water twice and then wash in warm water with out any scratched sponge.

    *Care instructions:
    All products are save to use it with microwave, fridge, dishwasher.

    I will gladly answer all your questions.

    Regards David.

    The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass: Beach Comber-s Edition: Finding, Collecting, Identifying, and Using the Ocean’s Most Beautiful Stones
    publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, published: 2016-05-03
    ASIN: 1634509374
    sales rank: 21441
    price: $11.55 (new), $6.23 (used)
    As the owner of one of the world's most elaborate sea glass collections, Mary Beth Beuke gets to talk about these prized ocean gems on a daily basis. Unfortunately, with each passing day, sea glass becomes more and more difficult to find, making the hunt more of a challenge to the seeker—especially one with limited experience in sea glass hunting.

    There are several reasons why the hunt is so important to the sea glass seeker. Some find their Zen moments in the solitude and beauty of the hunt. Some collect to add color to their lives. The history, mystery, and discovery of sea glass are also strong forces that draw collectors to shorelines around the world, looking for these pieces of physically and chemically weathered frosted glass.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to learn about and start your own collection of sea glass, the window for doing so is closing as pieces are becoming more elusive due to a growth in sea glass popularity and a decrease in recent glass bottle production.

    In The Ultimate Guide to Sea Glass: Beach Comber’s Edition, Beuke provides information that will help first-time seekers start new collections and veteran hunters learn more about their current sets. Take this manual with you as you search for your own collection and make notes about what you find along the way.

    Dock 6 Pottery Coasters with Fused Glass, Red, Set of 4
    publisher: Dock 6 Pottery
    ASIN: B01N5JEVT4
    sales rank: 1415840
    price: $39.95 (new)
    Kerry Brooks of Dock 6 Pottery is known for her unique pieces which meld traditional pottery with crackled fused glass. The sparkling crystallization and multicolored highlights mimic natural gemstones created by the forces of nature, and the spontaneity of the process means each piece has a distinct personality.

    Kerry Brooks has been a potter since 1988, learning her craft in Ann Arbor, Michigan and now working from her studio and gallery, Dock 6 Pottery, in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

    Down To Earth Forest Green Glass Gems - For Vase Fillers or Ponds, 2 lbs
    publisher: Down To Earth Distributors
    ASIN: B074TX9JMK
    sales rank: 121667
    price: $7.47 (new)
    These gems are absolutely exquisite in a floral arrangement, in a mosaic, or for table decorations. Gorgeous for bar or bat mitzvahs. Wrap with wire to create jewelry. Bump up the colorful vibrancy of your floral arrangements with our Gems. Featuring smooth and glossy surfaces, these glass gems pair perfectly in combination with silk and felt flowers. Insert your desired blooms into a foam block in the bottom of your vase and carefully pour in gems to cover the bottom or use as a modern fire gem and complete the look! The perfection in the craftsmanship of this glass gems will make you fall instantly in love with these gorgeous Teal glass gems the moment you put your eyes on them. Used as vase fillers this eye catching gemstones will bring an elegant and sophisticated touch to any event you decorate with them.

    Potter-s Bible: An Essential Illustrated Reference for both Beginner and Advanced Potters (Artist/Craft Bible Series)
    by: Marylin Scott
    publisher: Chartwell Books, published: 2006-09-08
    ASIN: 0785821430
    sales rank: 10440
    price: $7.42 (new), $5.19 (used)

    An essential illustrated reference for both beginner and advanced potters, these step-by-step photographic sequences guide you through a comprehensive range of shaping, firing and decorating techniques, so you can begin making wonderful ceramics even if you've never attempted pottery before. Learn about essential tools and equipment, different types and constituencies of clay, methods of production and much more. Includes dozens of ideas for creating textured surface effects and decorations. Over 45,000 copies sold worldwide. This hardcover book with internal wire-o binding is 6.5in x 8in, a perfect size for readers to keep handy and reference often. The stylish design of this book, along with the interior photographs, illustrations and diagrams, make the learning process simple and fun for beginners and provides useful tips for more advanced readers. This book will walk you through the essential tools and equipment and different types and constituencies of clay; study methods of building pots using slabbing, coiling, throwing, and molding, and find out how to create a range of different shapes and forms.

    CNC Set of 5, Shot Glass Pottery Old Fashioned For Sake Soju Drink Glass Set
    sales rank: 749925
    price: $36.76 (new)
    NOTICE - Due to the HANDMADE process, patterns or brown colors may vary slightly.

    The Pottery Gardener: Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory
    by: Arthur Parkinson
    publisher: The History Press, published: 2018-09-01
    ASIN: 0750985577
    sales rank: 269000
    price: $32.29 (new)
    The Emma Bridgewater factory in Stoke-on-Trent is a mecca for lovers of its iconic pottery, known for its designs featuring florals and farmyard animals. Today, it is a thriving visitor attraction; but tucked within is a walled garden bursting with nectar-rich, jazzy-toned flowers and hen houses of rare-breed chickens. In this beautiful book, the site’s gardener, florist and poultry keeper Arthur Parkinson descriptively and visually shares his work. Inspired by his friend and idol, gardener and florist Sarah Raven, and childhood hen-keeping pen pal the late Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, Parkinson’s creation is one of resplendent flowers, platoon feather-legged hens, handwritten blackboards, flower arranging and wasteland foliage foraging carried out in one of the most unlikely places a garden could happen to exist: a working pottery. With seasonal tips on container planting in your own garden, plant profiles and helpful guides to keeping fowl and arranging home-grown flowers, The Pottery Gardener is sure to delight gardeners, hen fanciers and Bridgewater fans alike.
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