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USPS Forever Stamps, Coil of 100 US Flag Postage Stamps (2016 or 2017 version)
publisher: United States Post Office
sales rank: 159
price: $47.47 (new)
USPS Forever Stamps - US Flag Stamps (2016 or 2017 version) on white background
Stamp design and roll packaging may vary (will be US Flag 2016 or 2017 stamps)

US Flag USPS Forever Stamps - 40 Stamps (two books of 20)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 699
price: $24.99 (new)
U.S. Flag Forever Celebrate "Old Glory" with this new patriotic U.S. Flag stamp. The American flag has long symbolized the strength and spirit of our nation. On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress passed the Flag Act, stating that the U.S. flag should consist of 13 alternating red and white stripes and 13 white stars in a blue field. In 1818, Congress passed legislation stipulating that the number of stars on the American flag should match the number of states in the Union. There are 13 stripes and 50 stars on the current flag. The words "USA FOREVER" are printed on the bottom of the stamp. This listing is for 40 stamps (2 double-sided books of 20) of either the 2016 or 2017 version of the stamp (see images for the two varieties).

USPS 117604 Coastal Birds Postcard Stamp, Pack of 20
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 988
price: $11.35 (new)
With the release of the Coastal Birds postcard stamps, the U.S. Postal Service® celebrates four eye-catching birds: the red knot (Calidris canutus), king eider (Somateria spectabilis), roseate spoonbill (Platalea ajaja), and magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens). The stamps feature highly stylized, digital portraits of each bird. Feeding on everything from crustaceans and mollusks to insects and fish, coastal birds can be spotted along beaches, rocky coastlines, and mudflats, as well as in lagoons, wetlands, and other saltwater and freshwater habitats. They account for some of the world's largest breeding and migratory populations. The Coastal Birds stamps feature the art of illustrator Tyler Lang. Greg Breeding was the art director. The word "POSTCARD" on the stamps indicates their usage value. Like a Forever® stamp, it will always be equal in value to the applicable price for the price category printed on them at the time of use. **Please Note this is a coil of 20 stamps, not a page**
USPS Forever Stamps Star-Spangled Banner Booklet of 20 (Fireworks)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 4512
price: $10.71 (new)
Issued Jan. 28, 2014 this stamp was featured at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the "Star-Spangled Banner." This stamp design features a photograph of the flag that flies over Fort McHenry National Monument and His­toric Shrine in Baltimore, MD. This flag is a replica of the one that inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star-Spangled Banner" after realizing Fort McHenry had withstood the British attack of Sept.13-14, 1814. The picture of the flag was taken against a backdrop of fireworks during an annual celebration of Defenders' Day, a legal holiday in the state of Maryland commemorating the successful defense of the city of Baltimore on Sept. 12, 1814 from an invading British force during the War of 1812. Photographer Gary Clark said it was a challenge to get the fireworks and the flag in the same shot and that "the wind picked up quite a bit that night." Art director Phil Jordan designed the stamp. The Star-Spangled Banner stamp is being issued as a Forever Stamp, which is equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price. This listing is for a double-sided booklet of 20 stamps in new condition.

USPS Forever Flag Stamps Roll of 100 (Stamp Design May Vary)
publisher: USPS Forever Stamps
sales rank: 652
price: $47.46 (new)
1 Roll of 100 Forever Stamps-100 in Total! From the heights of sunny summer to the snowy depths of winter, Old Glory proudly waves-thanks to laws and traditions that encourage respect for our vital national symbol. Guidelines for the display and treatment of the American flag hark back to the National Flag Code adopted in 1923 at the National Flag Conference and amended a year later. A federal law in 1942 further provided specific rules for using and displaying the flag. Each of these four A Flag For All Seasons (Forever®) stamps shows an American flag, viewed from below, flying from a pole at full staff against a background of trees that evoke one of the four seasons of the year. Federal law states that the American flag should be displayed every day of the year, but especially on federal and state holidays, the "birthdays" of states, and other days according to presidential proclamation. As long as a flag is a durable, all-weather flag, it may be displayed outdoors throughout the year, regardless of the weather. The stamp art, gouache on illustration board, is the work of Laura Stutzman, who used her personal photographs of the flag as art reference. The art director was Phil Jordan. These stamps are being issued as Forever® stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce rate. Made in the USA. Issue Date: August 16, 2013

20 Botanical Art USPS Forever First Class Postage Stamps Beautiful Flower Bloom
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 1166
price: $10.45 (new)
The U.S. Postal Service® continues its tradition of beautiful floral-themed stamps with Botanical Art. The stamp art features ten designs, each a detail of an illustration from an American nursery catalog printed between 1891 and 1912. The design details are courtesy of The New York Botanical Garden; the catalogs are part of NYBG's Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection, one of the largest and most important such collections in the U.S. In the mid-19th century, as more people discovered the joys of ornamental and recreational gardening, thriving commercial greenhouses and nurseries marketed plants to the eager gardeners. To entice buyers, the nurseries created colorful catalogs illustrated with beautiful blossoms and lush foliage. The illustrations were idealized, romantic versions of what plants could look like, but they fueled many a garden dream. The artists responsible for the work seen on early nursery catalogs are mostly unknown to us now, but their captivating work lives on. Art director Ethel Kessler designed the stamps. The Botanical Art stamps are being issued as Forever® stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail® one-ounce price. This listing is for 20 new forever stamps.

20 Forever USPS stamps Pets celebrate animals in our lives that bring joy companionship and love 1 sheet of 20 stamps
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 1142
price: $9.80 (new)
Whether your idea of the perfect pet is a loyal dog or majestic macaw, these 20 new Forever stamps celebrate the animals in our lives that bring joy, companionship, and love. The stamp art for Pets features 20 existing photographs of different animals taken against white backgrounds by Eric Isselée. Each photograph represents animals we love from these groups: puppies, betta fish, iguanas, hamsters, goldfish, parrots, guinea pigs, tortoises, rabbits, kittens, corn snakes, mice, hermit crabs, chinchillas, gerbils, dogs, parakeets, horses, cats, and geckos. More than half of U.S. homes have at least one pet, with the number growing every year. The most common domesticated animals are dogs and cats, but pets come in all shapes and sizes. Pets offer their human companions unconditional love and happiness, as well as physical and emotional health benefits. They are more than just animals; many people consider them members of the family. Whether you prefer the silky scales of a corn snake or the warm fluff of a guinea pig, responsible pet ownership begins with familiarizing yourself with the animal possession laws and regulations in your area and finding the right pet for your life and needs. Choosing a pet whose specific needs you can understand and accommodate will ensure that your new animal friend will live a happy, healthy, and safe life. Art director Derry Noyes designed these stamps.

Seashells Postcard Stamp USPS Forever Stamps, Sheet of 20 - US Postage Card Stamps (Sheet of 20 Stamps)
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 1763
price: $7.46 (new)

Celebrate the fun and beauty of seashells with four new postcard stamps from the U.S. Postal Service.

Whimsical and lighthearted, the stamp art features stylized depictions of four seashells: the alphabet cone, the zebra nerite, the Pacific calico scallop, and the Queen conch, frequently called the pink conch. The horizontal swaths of white and blue in the background suggest waves washing the shells onto a beach.

The hard, protective external skeletons of marine mollusks, seashells are composed largely of calcium carbonate secreted by the mollusks, mantle. Frequently ornamented with arrangements of ribs, spines, cords, scales, and grooves, the shells provide protection against predators, aid in burrowing into the sand, and give support to the soft-bodied animals.

Seashells have served many purposes throughout history-as jewelry, decoration, cooking vessels, lamps, even currency-but they were also highly collectible as objects of beauty and scientific study, as they are today. Around the world, clubs and shows attract enthusiasts, who continue to collect shells for their elegance, beautiful colors, and rich variety of shapes.

Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps. Sergio Baradat created the stamp art.

The word "POSTCARD" on the stamps indicates their usage value. Like a Forever stamp, these stamps will always be valid for the rate printed on them.

Made in the USA.

USPS U.S. Flag Forever Stamps, Book of 20 - 2017, 20 Stamps
publisher: USPS
sales rank: 1607
price: $11.99 (new), $12.43 (used)
With the new US Flag stamp, the postal service continues its tradition of celebrating patriotism with one of the most recognizable symbols of the nation. The stamp features a detail from a photograph of the billowing stars and stripes. Terrence W. Mccaffrey was the art director and Greg breeding designed the stamp with an existing photograph of the flag taken by tom grill. This is for a new double-sided booklet of 20 stamps.

Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamp - 3 Lines (42A1539)
publisher: Discount Rubber Stamps
sales rank: 77
price: $8.70 (new)
Perfect return address stamp or general use custom rubber stamp. This self inking stamp is ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping because the die automatically re-inks itself by rotating into a self-contained, double-sided ink pad. Ordinary ink pads offer a certain number of impressions before they begin to fade. When this happens, the pad needs to be re-inked or replaced. Not so with a reversible pad. When the impressions begins to fade, simply slide the pad out, flip it over, and reinsert to instantly double the life. This stamp can be personalized with up to 3 lines of custom information and is ideal as an address stamp or bank deposit stamp.
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